Representation Research

The topic I chose for the representation research is Paheka-Kiwi families in New Zealand. I chose this topic because I find it interesting how, although there are many different cultures present in New Zealand, in advertisements and media mostly white kiwi families are present.

The hard thing for me is that I have only been in New Zealand for a year, so I am not completely used to New Zealand media, which makes it hard for me to find useful sources. In my first researches I could not find many suitable websites or sources, and this theme does not appear to be widely discussed, so I think this project is going to be a challenge for me.

My key questions are:

1) How are kiwi families represented in mainstream NZ media?

2) In what ways it the Pakeha-NZ culture advertised on TV?

3) How are the representations of Kiwi families different from other cultures’?

4) How and why has that representation changed over the years?

5) What are the social and cultural consequences of these advertisements in NZ?

I expect to find more sources in Internet blogs (as they tend to contain stronger opinions) and TV shows/advertisements, as they reflect the kiwi culture relatively well. I am definitely going to ask my kiwi friends and acquaintances for first hand material.

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